About Us

Solar Hardscapes is a Texas-based company with a mission to bring new, innovative, and unique renewable solar energy ideas to the energy landscape.
Our company was formed in 2019 and is ready to show the world that renewable energy doesn’t have to involve an ugly rooftop and infrastructure that steals your property’s curb appeal.

Our inaugural product, Solarstone, is the answer to all problems involving visual appeal regarding privatized solar energy generation. Join us, and move beyond the standard rooftop solar panel and into a seamless design for solar energy that blends in with the design of your patios and sidewalks.

(Patents Pending)

Our Commitment to

Affordable, Clean, Renewable Energy

As renewable solar energy gains popularity amongst business owners, community developers, and homeowners, it’s only natural that consumers are going to want the best product at affordable rates.

With seamless integration, painless installation, and no rooftop labor, there’s no doubt that Solarstone will become a household necessity as the push for green energy moves forward.

Department of Energy American Made4Solar Challenge Finalist

Chosen as a finalist and one of the top new solar technologies in the United States by the US Dept of Energy

Robert Schlegel

Bob Schlegel is the founder and retired CEO of Pavestone Company which in 1980 began manufacturing paving stones and now distributes across the USA from dozens of production facilities to retail outlets including Home Depot and Walmart.

Joe Byles

Joe Byles is an aerospace engineer and inventor of many solar related products.
Together Byles and Schlegel experimented to develop Solar Stone – the innovative photovoltaic solar panel disguised as a paving stone.

Our Founders

When you order a Solarstone patio from Solar Hardscapes, we can give you our three guarantees on our product:
• Effectively provides carbon-free, green energy
• Provides attractive, patio, sidewalk, and landscaping
• Provided a safer, beautiful, alternative to rack and rail rooftop infrastructure

Install Powerful and Beautiful

Solar Energy Infrastructure

The future of renewable energy is here, and Solar Hardscapes is ready to help you benefit from the Solarstone. We have succeeded where others haven’t and are confident that our products will be the torchbearers into the modern energy landscape. 

If you’re ready to save money while benefiting from clean energy, it’s time to reach out to Solarstone. We can’t wait to show you how bright the future is.

(Patents Pending)